About us

RESPONSUM is an investment attraction consultancy company whose predecessor Advanced Advice was founded in Lithuania in 2005. We are one of the longest established and most experienced EU fundraising companies in Lithuania. We translate this experience into value for our clients.


RESPONSUM’s mission is to promote societal progress by leveraging public investment for the successful implementation of high impact projects

Believing in the power of words, we deliberately do not use the term “absorption”, which we associate with the pointless waste of EU funds and the “burning” of money on the “bonfire” of bureaucracy. We have chosen the term “investment attraction” to describe our activities, which we understand as a responsibly thought-out and effectively implemented action aimed at achieving worthwhile objectives.

We help our clients to plan significant investment projects, to attract EU funding for their implementation and to implement them properly. Our clients range from major multinational corporations to science-based start-ups, from ministries and municipalities to major national business associations and trade unions.


RESPONSUM is first and foremost about people united by values and common goals. Both within the team and in our dealings with clients and partners, we strive to follow a few simple principles that have been the glue that binds our team for over 16 years.

As part of the RESPONSUM team, we work

for those who can benefit from and value our knowledge, expertise and experience,
in a way that delivers the promised benefits and makes us proud of the results,
to earn our fair share and live with dignity today and tomorrow,
because we want to improve and be useful,
for as long as it takes to achieve the promised result,
with those we trust, respect and value.

The Team